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Surgery Program
Surgeons on the Mission Hospital medical staff are Board Certified, having completed fellowships in a variety of areas such as surgical oncology and laparoscopic surgery. Our physicians must maintain a current central core of information regarding anatomy, metabolism, pathology, wound healing, shock and intensive care—elements that are common to all surgical specialties.

Mission Hospital for Advanced Medicine
“As the region’s only state-of-the art, tertiary-quaternary medical center, the new Mission Hospital for Advanced Medicine facility will equal or exceed the world’s best.”  —Ronald A. Paulus, MD, President and CEO, Mission Health

This unprecedented new facility will establish a new standard in patient care and ensure that everyone in western North Carolina will have access to state-of-the-art technology and the best possible care for many decades to come. This project is a key component of Mission Health’s plan to meet the future health needs of western North Carolina as part of its Mission Future Ready initiative.

Financial Overview
As a safety net for those unable to pay for care, Mission Health’s challenge is remaining in a viable position to continue to deliver the very best care in the future. In recent years, Mission has contributed $50–$60 million annually in charity and uncompensated care to residents of western North Carolina.

Behavioral Health
This program allows for the treatment of the whole person by integrating the treatment of behavioral and medical health needs seamlessly. Our comprehensive team of psychologists, social workers and family therapists work together to address behavioral health needs as well as the emotional needs of the patient’s family. We work collaboratively to empower the patient.

Emergency Department
Emergency Services include western North Carolina’s designated Level II Trauma Center at Mission Hospital, ground transportation by Regional Transport Services (RTS) and air transport by Mountain Area Medical Airlift (MAMA). Both are able to provide transport for neo-natal patients, and select telehealth specialties at regional hospitals with medical direction provided by specialists based at Mission Hospital.